Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility

Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility, Landfill, Transfer Station and
Permanent Hazardous Waste Collection Facility


12021 Hunt Road, Milton, CA (209) 754-6403

Remember to bring your ID Because we do not charge for disposal of your normal household trash and recyclables, residents of neighboring counties frequently try to dispose of their trash at Calaveras County Transfer Stations.  Checking ID's is the most effective way to prevent this illegal disposal and to preserve your solid waste dollars. If you are a part time resident in Calaveras County, please make a copy of your current tax bill, showing the Solid Waste fee, to show the attendant.  


Rock Creek is open every day from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. 
Important! - Please arrive 30 minutes prior to closing to allow time to unload. 

This facility is closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day and Easter Sunday.


What we Accept, Recycle and Divert at Rock Creek

Cars and Motor Vehicles

Are not accepted at any of the County facilities.  Please check with a local charitable organization regarding donations of any unwanted vehicles or a local dismantler.  Check the following websites for more information on donating vehicles.

Metal Campers & Trailers

Should be taken to an auto dismantler for recycling; however, they may be accepted for disposal.  The disposal requires a "Junk Certificate: from DMV (Vehicle Registration Handbook 5.235).  DMV can be contacted by visiting the local office, calling 1-800-777-0133 or visiting their website to obtain instructions and forms at  Any refrigerators, generators or other equipment that may contain a refrigerant such as Freon, or oil or any other hazardous waste, must be removed prior to acceptance.

Boats, Vessels, Mobile Homes, Campers & Trailers: Charged at $8.00 Cubic Yard.  

Mobile Homes

We also accept Mobile Homes if all refrigerators, generators or other equipment that may contain a refrigerant such as Freon, or oil or other hazardous wastes are removed and the proper HCD paperwork is provided.  A “Salvage Certificate” from the Department of Housing & Community Development is required in order to dispose. HCD can be contacted at 1-800-952-8356 or visit their website to obtain instructions and forms at

Boats, Vessels, Mobile Homes, Campers & Trailers: Charged at $8.00 Cubic Yard.  

Hazardous Waste

We have a permanent Household Hazardous Waste Collection area at Rock Creek.  California State Transportation Laws limit the transportation of hazardous waste for each vehicle to a maximum of 15 gallons of liquid (in no larger than 5 gallon containers) or 125 pounds of solid material.  Never mix chemicals.  Place in sealed containers and pack to prevent spills.  The Rock Creek facility will only accept materials up to these limits.  If more than the allotted amount of hazardous waste is brought to Rock Creek, the remaining amount will not be accepted, but will be sent home with the resident or business. Businesses wanting to dispose of hazardous wastes must fill out a Business Hazardous Waste Disposal form prior to bringing in any hazardous wastes.  See the HHW page for the form.

Toxic material accepted:

  • Fluorescent Lights
  • Household Batteries
  • Auto Batteries
  • Paints & Stains, Solvents                               
  • Oil, Oil filters and Antifreeze
  • Propane Tanks, up to 25 gallon
  • Household toxic materials
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Over the counter medications and syringes in a rigid plastic container

Boats & Vessels

Will only be accepted if motors, fuel tanks and any other device containing hazardous substances have been removed and proper paperwork is provided.  Registered boats, or boats that were at some point registered with DMV, require a “Junk Certificate” from DMV (Vehicle Registration Handbook 5.235). DMV can be contacted by visiting local offices, calling 1-800-777-0133 or visiting their website to obtain instructions and forms at


Boats, Vessels, Mobile Homes, Campers & Trailers: Charged at $8.00 Cubic Yard.  

Small Animal Carcasses

Under 100 lbs, are charged at $10.00 each.  Large animal carcasses and loads of renderings & remains are charged at $50 each.  

Wood & Yard Waste

Wood & yard waste that is segregated from other waste is charged at $4.00 Cubic Yard (CY).
Stumps are charged at $8.00 Cubic Yard

The Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility offers wood salvaging at no charge to residents of the County.  Reuse of green waste is advertised and encouraged for firewood, building and craft projects.


First two (2) tires, up to 22”, are free. 

Charges for additional tires:

$2.50 Passenger tires <17”
$5.00 Passenger tires on rims
$8.00 Truck tires 17” – 22”
$10.00 Truck tires on rims
$8.00 plus $7.00 per additional inch for tires over 22”

Up to 9 tires can be taken to our tire disposal events held throughout the county, check the website for date/time/location


All appliances with Freon must be segregated for recycling and are not allowed to be dumped with household trash. We accept all appliances, however, Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Stoves, Ovens, Air Conditioning units and Water coolers have a $25.00 charge each.  
Please check with Valley Springs Recycling at 772-9340 on their acceptance of appliances, as they charge $15 for Air Conditioners, Freezers and Refrigerators.


Concrete, asphalt, ceramic and porcelain items can be recycled in the rubble pile.   This includes porcelain tubs, sinks, toilets and tile.  

Construction & Demolition Debris

Please segregate construction materials, such as clean concrete (no rebar), asphalt, wood and metals for recycling. Mixed construction debris loads will be charged at $8.00 cubic yard. Segregated wood and lumber is charged at $4.00/cubic yard.

Books, DVD's & CD's has a blue recycling bin in our transfer building to recycle all books, DVD's and CD's.

Mattresses and Box Springs

Residents can recycle their mattresses and box springs at Rock Creek for no fee.  

Calaveras County participates in the Bye Bye Mattress Recycling Council to recycle old mattresses. To learn more about this program, visit

Carpet and Padding

Calaveras County participates in the Rural Counties Carpet Recycling Project to recycle old carpeting, area rugs, carpet tiles and carpet padding. To learn more about this program, visit Carpet America Recover Effort's site. Please separate the padding from the carpet, roll up the carpet with the fiber side on the outside. The carpeting needs to be clean, dry and free of debris such as tack strips, nails, wood and other flooring materials.  Keep this separate and place in the area marked for carpet recycling.

Scrap Metal

Please segregate this material and put in metal bin.

Not accepted: thick gauge metal, auto parts, lead, tools


Please segregate this material and put in cardboard baler or in bin provided.

Household Recyclables

Mixed Recycling - We have a single stream mixed recyclables program, where you can recycle all plastics marked 1 through 7, glass, jars, phonebooks, newspaper, aluminum, tin, plastic bottles, paperboard, magazines, office and junk mail in the same container.  We recycle both CRV and Non-CRV.  To receive money for your CRV items, please take them to a CRV Center.

Not accepted: Styrofoam, soiled food container/napkins, padded envelops, photographs, bubble wrap, CD, credit cards, diapers, hoses, all textiles, shoes, toys without 1-7 clearly marked, disposable utensils, straws, ceramic, window glass, mirrors, cookware, PVC, large plastic items, dirty items and lightbulbs