Materials T - Z


Televisions and other electronics, such as computers, monitors, printers, CD and DVD players, stereos, radios, cell phones and small appliances are considered electronic waste (e-waste).  These products contain heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium and mercury, that pose serious environmental and health risks.  The County has five Recycling & Disposal sites to recycle e-waste.


Thermostats and Thermometers have mercury, which is a toxic substance.  Mercury-containing items must be discarded at the HHW Facility at the Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility.


Porcelain toilets, sinks and tile can be brought to the Rock Creek Facility to be recycled in the rubble pile. 


You can dispose of a maximum of two (2) tires, up to 22”, for free.  These can be taken to Gambi Disposal, Red Hill, Wilseyville or Rock Creek.  Tires larger than 22" or in quantities of more than two (2) can be taken to Rock Creek.  Additional tires are:

 Tires <17”                $ 2.50/each
 Tires <17" on rims     $ 5.00/each
 Tires 17"–22”            $ 8.00/each
 Tires 17"–22” on rims $10.00/each       
 Tires >22"                $ 8.00 plus $7.00 per inch
See Resolution 2007-162
California State law limits the number of tires which can be hauled to 9.  If you have more than 9 tires to haul to Rock Creek, please contact Environmental Health for an Exemption Authorization.


Trailers should be taken to dismantlers for recycling; however, campers and trailers may be accepted for disposal only at Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility. A DMV Junk Certificate is required.  Charged at $8.00 cubic yard. Any refrigerators, generators or other equipment that may contain a refrigerant such as Freon, oil or other hazardous wastes must be removed prior to acceptance.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners can go in your mixed recycling or if it is still in working condition, then consider donating it.


Cars and motor vehicles are not accepted at any of the County facilities.  Please check with a local charitable organization regarding donations of any unwanted vehicles or local dismantlers.  Check the following websites for more information on donating your vehicles:


Calaveras County Library welcomes your donations of videos.  They will also accept books and DVDs. Drop them off at any of the 8 libraries within Calaveras County. They can be contacted at 754-6701.  

VHS and cassette tapes and their covers/cases are recyclable and can be placed in your Mixed Recycling.  If possible, remove the magnetic tape, as this part is not recyclable.  See below for reuse sites of these materials.

Hein & Co at 204 Main Street in Jackson will take any and all VHS tapes, DVD's and CD's.  You can contact them at 223-9076.

You can also check out these sites that will accept donations of vhs tapes:

Whenever you send your materials through the U.S. mail, always use the "Media Mail Rate USPS" for cheaper rates.

Wood Products

Wood products can be taken to any of the Wood & Yard Waste areas in the County.  The charge is $4.00 Cubic Yard.

Treated wood, including pressure treated, creosote coated and chemically treated wood is accepted as garbage.  Only small quantities can be accepted at the Transfer Stations.  Large quantities must be taken to Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility.

Washing Machines

Washing machines can be taken to Gambi, Red Hill, Wilseyville or Rock Creek.  There is a $25.00 charge for each.

Check with Valley Springs Recycling at 772-9340 as they may not have a charge for washing machines.

Water Heaters

Water Heaters are considered scrap metal and can be taken to Avery, Gambi, Red Hill, Wilseyville, Copperopolis or Rock Creek.

Any hot water heaters that are 100 gallon or larger have a $25.00 handling fee as they contain a mercury switch that our certified attendants would need to remove.  These can only be brought to the Rock Creek site. 

Wheelchairs, Walkers, Canes and Crutches

Wheelchairs, walkers, canes and crutches and other patient rehabilitation devices can be donated locally to the Angels Murphys Rotary Club by contacting Roger La Jeunesse 743-1779  It does not matter what condition these items are in. They will accept all items in any condition.  These devices can be taken to any County facility and set aside for the Rotary Club to pick up.


Single pane windows and broken windows are considered garbage.  If you have any windows that are in donatable condition, please contact our local Habitat for Humanity at 754-5331.

Yogurt Cups

Yogurt cups are normally marked with a recycling symbol of 5, and can be put in your mixed recycling.

X-Ray Films

X-Ray films can be disposed of at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility at the Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility.

Yard Waste

Yard Waste can be taken to any of the Wood & Yard Waste areas in the County.  The charge is $4.00 Cubic Yard.