Curbside Services

Curbside recycling and garbage collection are available to all Calaveras County residents and businesses. Fees are based upon service level and location. For more information on services, or to sign up for services, please contact the permitted hauler:

California Waste Recovery Systems
CWRS or "Cal-Waste"
(209) 795-1532
Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
Cal-Waste's Facebook page

Under the conditions of a permit issued by Calaveras County, the hauler must provide the following services to all residents and property owners within its assigned permit area for a fixed fee.

  • Residential and commercial curbside garbage collection services
  • Curbside recycling
  • Commercial bin service
  • Debris box service (20-30 cubic yard) 

Calaveras County IWM offers a mixed recyclable program, where all plastics marked 1 through 7, glass, jars, newspaper, aluminum, tin, plastic bottles, paperboard, magazines, office and junk mail can be recycled in the same container. If you have curbside service or you self-haul, you don't have to separate the items.

Curbside green waste recycling is available to all curbside customers for a fee. For more information, call (209) 795-1532.

The permitted hauler will provide bulky item pickups for a fee. Please contact your permitted hauler for more information.

Mandatory Commercial Recycling Program, AB 341

Known as the Mandatory Commercial Recycling Program or Regulation, Assembly Bill (AB) 341 requires businesses and public entities that generate four (4) or more cubic yards of commercial solid waste per week or multifamily residential dwellings of five (5) units or more to arrange for recycling services by July 1, 2012.

If you self-haul to one of the County’s facilities, please be prepared to segregate the recyclables prior to bringing them. If you currently have curbside service, then please contact your hauler, Cal-Waste at (209) 795-1532 to arrange to set up or make changes to your service. 

In Calaveras County you can recycle all plastics marked 1 through 7 in your mixed recyclables.  Please double check the items before you toss them in the trash and make sure they are not recyclable in our County. This includes plastics, like yogurt cups, margarine, cottage cheese containers. It also includes plastic toys, tubs and pools. 

Mixed recycling also includes glass bottles and jars, plastics, paper, paperboard and aluminum. Other recyclables to be segregated from your trash is metals, oil, filters, antifreeze, electronics, appliances, tires, hazardous wastes and cardboard. 

If you want any information on the background and requirements of AB 341, please visit the State of California’s website.