Recycling and Disposal Facilities

Calaveras County operates seven transfer stations where Calaveras and Alpine County property owners can discard their household trash and mixed recyclables at no cost. Each customer is limited to no more than 2 cubic yards of trash per load (about the amount that will fit in a full-size pickup truck).

We have a mixed recyclable program, where you can recycle all plastics marked 1 through 7, glass, jars, newspaper, aluminum, tin, plastic bottles, paperboard, magazines, office and junk mail in the same container. So, whether you have curbside service or you self haul, you don't have to separate the items. Click any of the links below to view each facilities' hours of operation, locations and materials accepted.

For Your Safety

We ask that you wear proper footwear at all of our facilities. No opened toed shoes, sandals or flip flops are allowed. A reminder, to please keep your children and pets safe by keeping them in the vehicle while you are at any of the facilities.

Prevent Litter - Secure Your Load

California Vehicle Code 23115(a) All trash must be in a bag, a can or covered with a tarp. Fasten all trash cans lids with bungee cord or other means. Tie off trash bags and hold down with a cargo net.