Materials A - E

Aerosol Cans

Non-empty aerosol cans are accepted at the Hazardous Waste Facility at the Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility. Empty aerosol cans may be disposed of as mixed recycling.  

To avoid any risks of injury to those who process the materials, do not put any aerosols in the trash or in metal recycling bins.

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners can be taken to  Gambi Disposal, Red Hill , Wilseyville  or the Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility.  A/C units are charged at $25.00 each. See appliances below.

Please check with Valley Springs Recycling at (209) 772-9340 as they currently charge $15.00 for AC units.


The County has eight Recycling & Disposal sites to take your aluminum recyclables, with additional locations where you can get $$$ for CRV products.


Ammunition and explosives are not accepted at any of the County's facilities.  Please contact the Sheriff's Department at (209) 754-6500 to find out how to dispose of them.

Animal Carcass

We do accept dead animals at the Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility only.  

Small animal carcass, under 100 lbs, are $10.00 each.  Large animal carcasses over 100 lbs and loads of renderings & remains are charged at $50.00 each.  

When you bring in a deceased horse, cow or other large deceased livestock, you must bring in a completed Waste Clearance Application.  Please call customer service at 754-6403 if you have any questions.


The County has eight Recycling & Disposal sites to take Antifreeze.    


We accept all appliances, however, Clothes Washing Machines, Clothes Dryers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Stoves, Ovens, Air Conditioning units; Hot water heaters over 100 gallons and Water coolers have a $25.00 charge each.  

Appliances can be taken to  Gambi Disposal, Red Hill , Wilseyville  or the Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility.   All appliances must be evacuated or serviced by a Certified Appliance Recycler, which all of our facilities are. We cannot accept serviced or evacuated appliances without the proper paperwork, which would be obtained from the Certified Appliance Recycler who serviced the appliance.  There are no exceptions.

Appliances can also be taken to Valley Springs Recycling for a $15 charge.  They are located at 148 Main Street, Valley Springs (209) 772-9340 Open Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Closed for lunch from 12-12:30.  Closed Sunday & Monday.


Asbestos is not accepted at any of the County's Recycling & Disposal sites. Please contact Forward Landfill in Stockton (209) 466-4482.


Cold ashes can be taken to the Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility.


The County has several locations to recycle your auto batteries.  Follow the link for locations, hours and maps.

There are five Recycling & Disposal sites to recycle your normal household batteries.  Also check with your local hardware and electronic stores for their acceptance policies.  Please recycle your rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarette batteries with your household batteries.


Calaveras County has partnered with a local resident who refurbishes used bicycles and gives them out at Christmas to our local kids.  Please donate & set aside your used bicycles at any of our facilities.

Boats & Vessels

Boats & Vessels are only accepted at the Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility provided that any motors, fuel tanks and any other device containing hazardous substances have been removed and the DMV Junk Certificate is provided.  They are charged at $8.00 Cubic Yard.  

Registered boats, or boats that were at some point registered, require a “Junk Certificate” from DMV (Vehicle Registration Handbook 5.235). DMV can be contacted by visiting local offices, calling 1‐800‐777‐0133 or visiting their website to obtain instructions and forms at


Donate your used or new Books, DVD's and CD's to the "Discover Books" recycling Bin at Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility.  The company will resell, redistribute and recycle these materials.
Current Locations:

Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility, 12021 Hunt Road, Milton
Mar-Val Food Stores, 55 HY 26, Valley Springs

The Calaveras County Library welcomes your book donations that are in good condition.  

Also check with any local thrift shops or used book stores to see if they accept donations. Please check our Reduce, Reuse and Recycle page for more information on book donations.

Textbooks can be recycled through Independent Book Buying Services, IBBS, at


Glass bottles and jars can be taken to any eight Recycling & Disposal sites for recycling.  We also have some facilities which pay $$$ for them.


Metal Campers should be taken to an auto dismantlers for recycling; however, campers and trailers may be accepted for disposal only at Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility and are charged at $8.00 cubic yard. We can only accept these if all motors, fuel tanks, appliances and any other device containing hazardous substances have been removed and the DMV Junk Certificate is provided.

Canes, Crutches, Wheelchairs, Etc.

Canes, crutches, wheelchairs and walkers, and other patient rehabilitation devices can be donated locally to the Angels Murphys Rotary Club by contacting Roger La Jeunesse 743-1779 or It does not matter what condition these items are in. They will accept all items in any condition.  These items can be set aside at any of the County's facilities and they will be picked up by the organization.


There are several Recycling & Disposal sites  to take your recyclable cans, with an additional four locations where you can get $ for your aluminum cans and other CRV items. 


There are several Recycling & Disposal sites in the County to recycle cardboard.  Please flatten all cardboard boxes.


Recycle old carpeting, area rugs and carpet tiles.  Please separate padding from carpet, padding goes to landfill.  The carpeting needs to be clean, dry and free of debris such as tack strips, nails, wood and other flooring materials.  Bring it to the Rock Creek Facility to recycle.  Click here to view the brochure and further information or visit their website at


Vehicles, Cars, car parts and motor vehicles are not accepted at any of the County facilities.  Please check with a local charitable organizations regarding donations of any unwanted vehicles.  Check the following websites for more information on donating your vehicles:



The Calaveras County Library welcomes your donations of books, videos and DVDs. Drop them off at any of the 8 libraries within Calaveras County. They can be contacted at 754-6701.  Also consider donating them to your local thrift stores.

DVD & CD Cases are recyclable.  Place in your mixed recycling.

Hein & Co at 204 Main Street in Jackson will take any and all VHS tapes, DVD's and CD's.  You can contact them at 223-9076.

Cellular Phones

There are five Recycling & Disposal sites to recycle cell phones with other electronics.  You can also Google 'cash for cell phones' and find a company to pay you for your phone.

Clothes Dryers

Clothes dryers can be taken to Gambi Disposal,  Red Hill Annex, Wilseyville Annex or Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility.  There is a $25.00 charge for each.  

Check with Valley Springs Recycling at 772-9340 as they may not charge your to bring in these appliances.


Donate clothing and shoes that you no longer want to your local thrift stores or friends.  Your donations of good quality, salable household items help support needed charitable services in our County as well as our local economy. 


Composting grass, leaves, bushes, fruits and vegetable wastes creates a rich fertilizer for your gardens.  For tips and instructions, visit the UC Extension website at


There are five Recycling & Disposal sites to recycle computers with other electronics.


Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility is the only facility to take concrete, rock or rubble for recycling. Loads are charged at $8.00 cubic yard. You may also check out CIWMB's CalMax recycling program at

Construction Debris

Construction Debris (C&D) loads are charged at $8.00 cubic yard.  However, clean and segregated (C&D), like concrete, rubble (no rebar or reinforcement steel), metals, asphalt, carpet & carpet padding are accepted at no charge at Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility.

Segregated wood and lumber is charged at $4.00 cubic yard.

If you have a construction project planned, please check out our Construction and Demolition Recycling brochure. Or contact Cal-Waste at (209) 785-1532 to rent debris and recycling bins.

Habitat for Humanity accepts some donations of construction materials.  Before you discard it, please call them at (209) 754-1518 to determine whether your materials can be used by their organization.


Up to 1 ton of clean fill is accepted at Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility at no charge. Please see our policy for disposal of potentially-contaminated soil and dirt.  Contaminated soil is charged at $8.00/cubic yard. For larger quantities please call (209) 754-6403.


Dishwashers can be taken to Gambi, Red Hill, Wilseyville or Rock Creek.  There is no charge to recycle them.

Drums - Metal

All metal drums must have the tops removed, be empty and dry before recycling in the metal bins. The County has seven scrap metal collection bins at our Recycling & Disposal Sites.


Electronics, such as computers, laptops, televisions, LCD & plasma TV's, monitors, printers, cash registers, keyboards & other peripherals, CD, VCR and DVD players, tape players & recorders, stereos, radios, scanners, telephones, answering machines, cell phones, calculators, microwaves and small appliances are considered electronic waste (e-waste).  These products contain heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium and mercury, that pose serious environmental and health risks.  The County has five Recycling & Disposal sites to recycle e-waste.

Eye Glasses

Lions Club community service organizations accept eyeglasses and sunglasses, prescription and non-prescription.  Contact your local Lions Club for the nearest drop box in your community.

  • Lions Club – Valley Springs 772-0866
  • Lions Club – Arnold 795-7239
  • Lions Club – Mokelumne Hill 286-1412
  • Lions Club – San Andreas 754-0359
  • Lions Club – West Point 293-4917
  • Lions Club-  Tri Dams 772-2175