Solid Waste Parcel Fee

Each residence and business in Calaveras County is charged a solid waste parcel fee on their tax bill for management and disposal of waste generated in Calaveras County. For more information call (209) 754-6055

Disposal Fees

  • Mixed loads and mixed loads of construction and demolition debris are $8 per cubic yard
  • Camper trailers, and boats are charge are $8 per cubic yard along with the appropriate paperwork. Junked certificates from the DMV must accompany the load. Camper trailers and boats are only Accepted at Rock Creek Landfill.
  • Tires – Two passenger car tires are free, additional car or truck tires are $2.50 each, truck tires that are 17"-22” are $8.00 each
  • Tires with rims - Passenger car tires with rims are $5.00 each and truck tires on rims are $10.00each
  • Large truck and tractor tires over 22”are $8.00each, plus $7.00 additional per inch over 22” Large truck tires are only accepted at Rock Creek Landfill
  • Appliances and swamp coolers are charged at $25.00 each. No charge for dishwashers. Only accepted at Rock Creek, Red Hill, Gambi and Wilseyville
  • Wood and yard waste including pine needles are $4/per cubic yard and only accepted at Rock Creek, Red Hill, Copperopolis and Wilseyville
  • Animal carcasses 100 pounds or less are $10.00 each.
  • Animal carcasses/renderings over 100 pounds are $50/each. Carcusses are only accepted at Rock Creek